Mission Project -face masks

Dear Parishioners and Supporters of the Lovell United Church of Christ,:


Some wonderful Ladies of LUCC have been making face masks to keep us all safe, since late March.  


I want to say something first.  No matter the number of masks they have made, no matter if they have taken a hiatus for a bit, here and there, they are doing something that is bigger than all of us.  We, as a group, are doing a great thing… an ongoing care project… for the people in our community, for our families and friends, and so far, for 5 separate facilities:  The Maine Veteran’s Home in South Paris, Bella Point Assisted Living in Fryeburg, Norway Health and Rehab, one home health care organization and one grocery store.  Take a moment and just think about that!


These Ladies are all so awesome!  They are using their time, their machines, and for the most part, their own materials.  What amazes me the most, however, is their absolute selflessness in making these masks.  For the most part, the masks go to people they will never know. This is what attracted me to LUCC in the first place.  I am so happy to be part of this loving, caring, mission oriented church.


Are you ready? To date 579 masks have been made, handed out, mailed, and delivered!  Some of these have been mailed out to other states for our families and friends. We are helping more than the people and facilities of Maine.  I had originally ‘titled’ this project as the ‘Maine Mask Mission’, and yet, we are doing much more than that.


May God watch over each and every one of you as we continue down this new fork in the road of our lives. May we do this with the love and joy we experience with our Savior.


Let us all:

Love Christ, 

Live Christ, and 

Make Christ Known

through our loving mask mission, and in any other way we are able.


My thanks, and God’s blessings, to each of you,

Jenny M Dotson